Increasing access to high quality in-school & afterschool STEAM programs across the US and worldwide to enable students to maximize their creativity & critical thinking skills is our vision.


We pride ourselves as being nonconformists of the STEM educational space in that we don't compromise on our quest to expose students to career driven and hands-on activities using 21st century learning techniques to prepare them for the future.


Changing the socioeconomic landscape of communities one student at a time by providing authentic STEAM experiences utilizing facilitation and cognitively-based models of instruction, creative problem-solving becomes second nature to our students.


At FullSTEAM, we believe that irrespective of a child’s socio-economic background, every child deserves to experience learning the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math (STEAM).


With a team that draws on broad industry experience and networks, we create the most powerful outcomes for our clients. With different backgrounds ranging from mechanical engineering to educational administration, each team member adds value to our vision.